Popping out all over…


Spring is springing and things are popping out all over. While I have to admit I haven’t gone out and shot any new spring pics yet I did get inspired enough to dig up a couple of older shots of blooming stuff.

These were taken right here in the city. Each of these is a little off…focus, perspective, something. And that is why they appeal to me I suppose.

Somehow it reminds me of a book I once had that got lost over the years. I’m not sure if I am recalling the details correctly after all these years. But the impact is still there so I am guessing the artist would be pleased and would forgive me if I get the details a bit off.

It was a collection of amazing photos. Mostly nature…flowers, trees, rocks and vines etc. Beautiful work. But what made it extra special was that the photographer had taken all of these photos in a  very urban environment. In a trash strewn field and little copse of trees next to a gas station I think it was. The beauty that was there was so incredibly obvious and equally as unnoticed until he came along.