Pleasing peanut portraits will make you smile…


Looking for something to do?

Got some peanuts, some painting supplies, and about 10 hours to kill?

Oh, and you’ll also need a HUGE dollop of artistic talent of course.

Still with me?

Yeah, I’m out too. So instead let’s just enjoy these fun and fabulous pics of peanut portraits painted by Steve Casino, Painter Of Nuts. (I do so love alliteration.)

And then check out his behind the scenes video.

You can purchase Steve’s one of a kind incredibly cool peanut creations by emailing him through his website here.

Birthday gifts, thank you gifts, graduation gifts, go NUTS!

(Yes, I went there. I mean, come on, what would a post involving peanuts be without at least one nut pun?)

[Hat tip to Yahoo Canada]