Paths, Roads, Trails, Streets: Everyone Has One to Walk


I dreamed about roads and paths last night. It made me think about the choices that we make it life. How the places I am going, the places I have been are all a part of the journey. When I woke up I remembered a Chinese proverb I once read:

“There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same”

We all have a path, a road, a trail, a street to follow. It is what we choose to make of the road that matters. As Carlos Castanenda once said, perhaps thinking of the Chinese proverb, “All paths are the same, leading nowhere. Therefore, pick a path with heart!”

It is not always easy, but I am going to try to always pick the path with heart. I will undoubtedly forget and veer off course…a lot…but I hope more often than not I will find myself following the path with heart. Which path will you choose?

Below are a few of the paths, roads, trails, and streets I have encountered in my life so far.

Paths, Roads, Trails, Streets: Everyone Has One to Walk – Alice Wessendorf
(click on images to see larger versions)

City street after the rain.
Alley to nowhere.
Walk into darkness.
Lit path at night.
Path with a canopy of trees.
Highway in motion.
Highway to somewhere.
Tunnel in motion.
Curved streets and blue skies.
Bare cherry trees line park path.
Three lanes in black and white.
Circle of hell in Paris.
Gray day in Germany quiet street.
Road trip Germany.
Rare car in Amsterdam street.
Mount Vernon intersection.
Old couple stroll down park path.
On the street where he lived.
Amsterdam street over canal
Amsterdam lane after the rain.
Nighttime walk over cobblestones.