Now all I need is a House Chicken


House chicken wearing a Hen HolsterSo I just found out…thanks to the PreSurfer…that the Hen Holster is a thing.

And now that I’m aware that this wonderful invention actually exists I have…of course… placed my order and  I’m now in the market for my very own House Cat wearing a white scarf

I’m not sure how Cat is going to take the news. But I’m envisioning that they will soon be besties.

They can do all kinds of Cat and Chicken activities together.

You know like…like…umm…well, I haven’t quite figured that part out yet.

Bird feeding a dog spaghettiBut they’d never be like King Fu Rooster and Black Cat who just can’t seem to get along.

And maybe Cat can even work out a deal with House Chicken where he feeds him spaghetti.

So now how do I convince my husband that a House Chicken is a fine idea? Any suggestions?