My gawd that’s a whole lotta hungry cats…


Been sitting on this one for a couple of days….no idea why it took me so long to post it.

It’s both fascinating and a tad disturbing.

Be sure to take this sucker full screen and crank up the sound to get the full immersion experience.

Round about 18 seconds when cats fill every conceivable space on your screen and the cacophony of meows reaches a crescendo I dare you to look away.

The combined noise of the felines produces an unworldly sound the likes of which I have never heard before.

The indescribable gibbering rises up as if from the very depths of hell itself. Each cat’s ululating accursed screeching rolling over you like some hideous unnamable language known only to the Great Old Ones that rule the ancient dark netherworld.

(And yes, I used…hm…let’s see…probably ’round about 73% of those words wrong, but I wanted to squeeze in as many Lovecraftian words as I could.)

Enjoy…and you’re welcome.