“Moving paintings” will make your eyes happy and your brain a little itchy


Black and white painting of a manIt’s animated snack time for your eyeballs.

But these snacks are a little on the dark and uncomfortable side.

The animations are slightly disturbing. But in a very, very good way.

They are the work of Boston animator Jack Fried.

Jack hand animates every frame you’re going to see.

He creates his “moving paintings” by laying down layer upon layer of the traditional ink and gouache along with the more unconventional white out and coffee mediums onto a single canvas.

The resulting images are fantastically engaging.

Thanks to io9 for bringing Jack’s work to my attention.

Be sure to watch these full screen and with headphones if you have them…or sound up if you don’t. (Sound is an important part of the experience here.)

The Deep End from Jake Fried on Vimeo.

Raw Data from Jake Fried on Vimeo.

Waiting Room from Jake Fried on Vimeo.