Kinetically Speaking: Art In Motion


The video below was labeled “Greek Tragedy Performed by Dominos” but it is so much more than that. Dissatisfied with that description I did a little digging to find out more about this awesome piece of kinetic art and who was behind it. The actual title is “Edifice Wrecks: A Geek Tragicomedy About the Fall of Man’s Handiwork #1” and it is the handiwork of one Timothy A. Fort.

The artist  maintains a website Tim- Space Discontinuum that is kind of a throwback to the days when the Net was much more simple. He’s got lots of neat things to look at on the site and it is well worth a visit.

On November 12,2009 Timothy unofficially broke a world record in stick-bombing (never even knew such a thing existed before today) with his 2250 stick bomb. Here’s a stop motion video of the feat.

There are so many cool videos of Timothy’s work it was hard to choose ones to show you. I will leave you with one more, a stop motion, called “Magic Domino”. But I suggest you visit his YouTube and website for more lots more eye-candy.