Kindergartener Slays Dr. Who’s Pandorica Speech


…For the uninitiated allow me to briefly explain the awesomeness here.

The Pandorica is essentially a prison designed to contain the universe’s most deadly beings. And in Dr. Who Series 5 on an ill-fated night at Stonehenge the Doctor…played in this iteration by the fabulous Matt Smith…has found out that a signal being emitted by the dastardly prison is drawing everything that ever hated him to that very spot on that very night. In these most dire of circumstances the Doctor steps up and delivers a impassioned kick-ass soul-stirring speech threatening the evil that lurks above to just try and take the Pandorica from him.

And without further ado here is what may be the coolest Kindergartener EVER delivering his version of that speech. (Oh and he gets 1,000,000 bonus points for wearing the bow-tie…cause bow-ties are cool).

And for comparison we have the original…

[All kudos go to The Daily What for this one..thank ya kindly!]