It’s a gosh darn real live freakin unicorn!


If you’re lucky enough to live in Toronto you too might spot the elusive and legendary creature known as the unicorn.

Resident of Toronto, and ace bird watcher, Peter Hickey-Jones was out minding his own business like usual when the incident occurred. (Well, more specifically he was watching and shooting video of birds cause that’s what the guy does. Don’t judge.)

And that’s when it happened. A unicorn ran right through Peter’s shot. A stunned Peter naturally did what any good Canadian citizen would. He took his footage to the nearest Science Center and turned it over to be analyzed by the experts.

The experts are indeed analyzing the groundbreaking footage, but in the meantime they are cautioning well-meaning Toronto citizens that if they think they spot the creature to remain calm and make no sudden movements or use flash photography. Their concern, of course, is for the safety of the unicorn because everybody KNOWS they are peaceful and shy creatures…duh.

The Ontario Science Center has set up a Unicorn Hotline number so if you do spot the the mythical animal hurry up and call it will ya? (After you shoot some NON-FLASH footage of course.)

[Oh and any of you nay-sayers who want to point out that the unicorn looks like it is floating and it’s legs never move..well…just hush you! It’s all about faith people…sheesh]