Incredible jaw-dropping pogo stick action…


shot from below guy on pogo stick leg in air sky behind himSo you had a pogo stick as a kid right?

Or maybe you had some of those parents who were all, “Hells no you’ll break your damn neck!” so you had to play with your friend’s or just watch them with green-eyed jealously from afar hoping they’d fall off the thing. (Oh, was that just me?)

But at any rate you have some idea of the pogo stick concept and your childhood fantasy of how awesome they could be was long ago crushed by the cold hard reality of their less than impressive output.back of guy doing high flip in the air on a pogo stick

Well, it’s time to dust off those crushed kid dreams because the gang over at Xpogo are bringing your childhood pogo stick fantasies back with extreme pogo.

And, trust me when I say, it’s everything your child self thought it could be.

The gang shot this impressive pogo-tastic (yes, I DID go there) video using 6 GoPro HD cameras…