Impressive Ring Dance-y Athletic-y Thing…Oh Just Watch It, It’s Cool!…


Sure, it’s a guy and a big metal ring.

I admit it doesn’t sound like much.

And I know you may be thinking about now that you’re not going to be impressed. But if you are, you’re wrong. Trust me.

Grace and athleticism always equal a win. And this guy has bucketloads of both.

I do have to say it’s a strange setting for this presentation. A harshly lit warehouse  just feels…well…all kinds of wrong. Yet the power of the performance manages to totally transcend the atmosphere. In fact, the plain bright slate somehow enhances it, stripping it down to the basics with no fancy lighting and flashy sets to distract from the real action.

The performer is Ethan Wall and the equipment is known as a Cyr Wheel. After watching him perform no one will be surprised when they find out that Ethan is a trained circus performer having attended both the Circus Center of San Francisco and the National Circus School of Montreal.

Check out Ethan and his partner Marie-Pier’s website here.