I Am Awesome at Predicting Rain…


It’s true. Well either that or perhaps I cause rain.

If I am planning a walk to the grocery store then rest assured it will be raining during that walk. I ought toGranny cart go into the business of rain prediction. I should be on the speed dial of all the local TV weather people.

All you local folks in the Baltimore area should consult with me if you are planning an event. I would even be willing to entertain bribes to NOT shop on certain days since it is possible that the very act of me setting out with my granny cart to the Giant causes the heavens to open up.

Don’t know where I was going when I took this picture of the grocery store below. But clearly, judging from the sunshine, it was NOT grocery shopping. Giant Waverly

I must have just been passing by. Probably on the way to the Farmers Market. Where, interestingly enough, it does not rain when I go.