Google’s Deep Dream algorithm goes terribly, terribly… RIGHT in this grocery store *TRIP*


Google's Deep Dream algorithm gifSomeone’s gone and put the trip into this grocery store trip (get it? wink wink) and it’s both kind of horrifying AND kind of awesome.

Austin based musician Pouff put Google’s Deep Dream algorithm through it’s paces somehow using it to turn an ordinary shopping experience into a disturbing stroll through what might look either like your worst nightmare or a psychedelic trip gone wrong…. depending on your experiences.

(Hey, this is a judge free zone, you be you.)

Google’s Deep Dream algorithm goes terribly terribly… RIGHT

Populated with deformed dog-deer-badger-like creatures and disassociated eyes and noses galore, you just can’t look away.

I think the worst/best part might be the meat section that brings the cold slabs of dead flesh back to zombie life.

This very well might be the best use of Google’s Deep Dream algorithm I’ve seen yet. Even better than my current Twitter background pic.