Doggie detective tales…WHO got into the garbage?…


Tank Guilty DogLike a tale straight out of a Sherlock Holmes mystery novel…or maybe a second-rate game of Clue…. we’re presented with a seemingly insurmountable mystery. A whodunit to end all whodunit’s.

Who got into the garbage?

I present to you the suspects…

Jed…a right handsome wiggly pupster who least for a moment…wear a bit of guilt on his adorable face.

Then there’s pretty girl Zena…another happy wiggler who is either great at covering up the smell of guilt or perhaps just a a great little actress.

And then…well…there’s Tank.

Poor guy is doing his best to be non-nonchalant casting a “Huh, would ya look at that mess….wonder who did that” gaze at his Doggie Dad. Sorry Tank I just don’t think he’s buying it.