Dialogue…when boobs talk


So I am watching TV last night and boom there before me are two snarky breasts having a conversation about how good they look and how butt is stealing their thunder. Yes, if  you have not seen it yet, you read that right. I just said a pair of boobs were talking.

It was the new Reebok commercial for their EASYTONE sneakers. The sneakers are designed to create a bit of instability when you walk which Reebok claims engages your muscles more, especially the one is your legs and glutes (11% and 28% more respectively), when you walk.

Do they work? Perhaps. Although some have warnings about products like this.  Did the commercial work? I have to say yes. It stopped both my husband and I dead in our tracks and we watched the whole thing through (30 second spot) and then laughed and commented on it. And the best news for Reebok is that I remembered the commercial and most importantly the product the next day.

If you haven’t seen it yet take a look.