Check it out kids it’s Beatbox Bible brought to you by the Rapping Vicar…


Man in white head covering and white robe wearing headphonesIs the Christmas story starting to seem…well…a little boring to you these days?

Is it just SO “been there done that” that you can’t possibly sit through one more retelling of that tired old story?


Well, no worries. Rapping Vicar aka Reverend Reverend Gavin Tyte from Devon in England has the solution you seek.

Look out dawg cause Rapping Vicar is fo shizzle in the hizzle!

Tune in for his awesome rap version of the entire Christmas story featuring him in three different roles…a shepherd, an angel, and the narrator…all backed by a heavenly beatbox.

With lines like “He went down from the town of Nazareth in Galilee, taking his fiancee, Mary near delivery” and “No hotel, motel, custom baby-changer, she wrapped the baby up and laid him in a manager” Luke Chapter 02 verse 01 will NEVER be the same again.

It’s time for Beatbox Bible kids!

Take it away Reverend…start spilling the beans like a coffee machine…