And you, of course, have seen this owl video…


small brown and white owl yellow beak eyes closed…right?

I mean it’s reached over 9 million views already so it’s not possible that you were just poking around online this morning and saw it for the first time because that would be…like…embarrassing or something.

OK…OK…I am really bad at lying. Even the sin of omission is something that escapes my abilities. Somehow I either never saw this.

Or–and perhaps just as likely–I did see it and somehow it was recorded on one of those blank broken spots in my brain that never quite work right.

At any rate…LOOK…OWLS! Sooo cute!

And the little one getting the head pets?

Well, it’s official…dying from cute is clearly a possibility because I came this { } close to shuffling off this mortal coil when I saw him. True story. (Ok..ok not true. But still ADORABLE!)