A Reminder to Check 1, 2, 3 Times and then Once More: Junonia Pricing Fail


Update: Be sure to read the comments on this posting. Not only was I wrong about the pricing mistake (to be fair to myself the pictures do appear exactly the same ) but Junonia took the time to comment on my blog and let me know. Customer service is everything these days. Combine that with superior products like they have and you have a formula for success. Still wish they would carry my long sleeve aqua suit again however..sigh.

I was doing some clothes shopping online and I ran across this pricing fail on the Junonia website. A reminder of how important it is to double triple and then go back and quadruple check when doing price testing.

Click for larger picture
Click for a larger picture.

I do have to add, however, that I love Junonia. Their products are awesome and their customer service rocks. You can’t go wrong buying from them. If they would only bring back my favorite swimsuit we could be total bestest of friends again.