A LITERAL thought caught on video…


It might not look like much.

A few flashes of light.

Seven second and it’s over.

But when it really sinks in that what you’re seeing is an actual thought..LITERALLY…being..well…um THOUGHT it’s kind of awe inspiring.

Scientists think that this is the very first time anyone has captured a thought being formed on video.

In this case the brain you’re looking at is that of a zebrafish larvae. So, let’s face it it’s probably not all that complicated of a thought. It’s not like we’re looking at the thoughts of an Einstein. Or even a two-year old child. But still…it’s not a simulation but a real live thought. And that’s nothing short of amazing.

If you’re so inclined you can learn more about this real-time visualization of thought here in Current Biology.(Just the abstract…you gotta choke up some $ to see the actual full study.)