Vintage Typewriter PRON…

Posted by Alice Wessendorf | Posted in Design, Eye Candy, Photography, Rants & Commentary | Posted on 10-21-2011


I’ve revealed my soft spot for vintage phones before but I’ve never owned up to my weakness for vintage typewriters.

Sadly, my home is way too petite to house a collection so I make do with one beauty that my indulgent husband gifted me with.

(However, let it be known that all bets are off if I spot a 1950′s pink Adler or Royal that I can afford. I mean willpower is only so strong. Am I right?

Oh..or a “Jack Torrance” style Adler circa The Shining ’cause who wouldn’t want to own one of those? {All work and no play…})

My beauteous typewriter is a 1963 Smith-Corona Sterling.

Isn’t she lovely?

Black and white photo vintage Sterling typewriter on table

Close up color photo of vintage typewriter keys

Color photo of vintage typewriter